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Numen Box for Business
Revolutionary all-in-one solution to combat the growth of cyber security risks for SMB and large companies.
Numen Box Business
The Numen solution, designed for SMEs and large companies, is equipped with constantly updated analysis, detection and protection systems for malicious traffic.
Configure your device through the Dashboard. Easily set user, data and traffic policies. Verify the authenticity of your network activity through the blockchain. Offer your employees a safe workplace and keep your company protected.
Key Features Numen Box Business
Numen Box is the heart of our security solution for every size companies.
A state-of-the-art device capable of constantly analyzing a large volume of traffic between devices and the network, detecting intrusions and breaches in real time, avoiding phishing and all kinds of malware.
Network Security
Real-Time Protection: Identifies malicious users and scripts, removing Malware, Spyware and robotic attacks in real time.

Dedicated Ransomware Protection: Detects and blocks the Ransomware attacks thanks to advanced security algorithms and engines

Private Blockchain for forensic digital: Records all network activities and traffic in a private blockchain allowing the recovery of proofs with legal value.
User Administration
Centralized Management Dashboard: Concentrates the administration of the protection rules setting of all devices of the corporate network.

Rules & Policy: Manages and controls access privileges to network resources for different users.

Anti-Phishing & Filtering: Blocks websites that distribute fraudulent content. Blocks the access to inappropriate content from websites or applications.
User Authentication
Trustful Authentication: Reliable identification of all users who operate with the resources of the protected network.

Multi-factor Authentication: Integrates Smart Token functionalities to validate the digital identity of a user and allow access to the protected network. Implements AI and behavior analytics to authorize or deny network access.

Tracking tools: Geolocates and remotely manages a device. In case of loss or subtraction, it allows access to the webcam, sending alerts and notification messages to who has the device, as well as allowing blocking and cancellation of content.
Data Protection
Full Data & Communication Encryption: Protects system data and all other information and data transmission through highly resistant algorithmic encryption.

VPN Service: Protects the most sensitive data transmissions to maintain high security standards when public WIFI nets are used.

Data Loss Prevention & Recovery: Automatically identifies the user's most valuable files by suggesting safe storage procedures. Blockchain technology ensures the ripristine of synchronized backups in the Numen cloud
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Numen Box Business