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Numen Box Home
An innovative all in one solution of cyber security to protect the home digital environment and to guarantee full operation of the Home Office.
Solution Plug&Play customizable and scalable solution according to the needs.
Numen Box Home guarantees global prevention against the most advanced cyber-attacks. Regardless of the place or device in use, digital identities, information and online activities will be constantly protected.
Key features Numen Box Home
NUMEN BOX is the heart of our security solution for SOHO. A next-generation device that constantly analyzes the traffic between devices and the net, detecting intrusions and security breaches in real time, avoiding phishing and all kinds of malware.
Comprehensive protection of devices
Keeps devices protected inside and outside the home or work environment.
Protection of Privacy and Digital Identity
Avoids fraudulent extraction and manipulation of sensitive data.
Streamlined management of backup
Stores the most important data securely and encrypted using the blockchain technology.
Parental control
Assures constant supervision of the digital experiences of children.
Secure Browsing
Guarantees confidentiality in home banking transactions and online purchases.
Premium Support Service
Configuration, installation, incident management 24/7
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Numen Box Home