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Numen Sync for Personal Files
Facilitates processes and workflows without compromising security.
Numen Sync is security, confidence and high performance
With the Numen Sync you may remotely protect, transfer, check and share personal details.
Key Features Numen Sync for personal
It has never been so easy to synchronize and process backups of pictures, music and files and share them with anyone you choose or recover them in case of loss.
End-to-End Encryption
Passwords and unencrypted data are processed only on the device, without leaving the browser. No one else, nor Numen administrators, will be able to access this information.
Encryption at rest
All data sent on our platform is divided into sub-files for its storage. Each fragment is protected with an individual encryption key that only you are aware of.
Perfect synchronization
Easy synchronization to and from personal devices or other providers.
Extensive file recovery period
It allows establishing a period of time between 30 and 180 days to recover the files that have been deleted.
Password protection and granular permits
Easy administration of the access to the different files and of permission action on them, to guarantee an efficient and safe sharing between users.
Cloud flexibility with on-premise performance
With no upload or transfer limits, Foldersync performs as fast as the connection allows.
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Numen Sync for personal files