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Policy Review
We offer a service of evaluation of the cybersecurity policy of any company to make sure that it has the appropriate elements that ensure that the company’s information is absolutely secure.
Policy Review
The goal of Numen Policy Review is to implement measures to prevent and response to cyber incidents, keeping technological advances updated, and always keeping an eye on the rapidly expanding threats.
Key Features Policy Review
If you are looking to strengthen the design of information security policies or evaluate your plan is in the event of a cyber incident, Numen can help your company to make sure that security measures established work correctly, in accordance with the best practices of your sector.
Identifying the problem
We analyze and evaluate your workflow in order to identify possible vulnerabilities or undocumented elements. To do this, we will use quality research techniques such as interviews and surveys to gather information regarding policies, standards and procedures.
Mitigating risks
We design strategies to mitigate risk and to establish the basis for developing a functional recovery plan.
Promotion of policies and documentation
We draft the document with new security policies and a training program for employees in order to manage the changes in the different practices.
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Policy Review