Numen Box SOHO

Una solución de protección de red que, combinando las tecnologías NGFW (Next Generation Firewall), nos asegura recopilar pruebas con valor forense en caso de un ataque a nuestro entorno digital. Diseñada para pequeñas y medianas empresas, un sistema Plug&Play, una instalación sencilla e intuitiva nos garantizarán la total operatividad y protección de nuestra red.


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Numen Box SOHO


The number of successful cyberattacks targeting SMEs has increased dramatically in the last two years, due to the increase in telecommuting and the lack of specific security measures for this market segment. Numen Box helps you prevent them. A network protection solution that, by combining NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) technologies, ensures the collection of evidence with legal value in the event of an attack on our digital environment. Designed for small and medium-sized companies, a Plug&Play system, a simple and intuitive installation will guarantee the total operability and protection of our network.

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IDS/IPS rules always updated

Our IPS is customisable to your specific needs. You will be able to manage the operating rules, being able to activate and deactivate them in a fully intuitive way. In addition, each update is pre-tested in our laboratory using the Picus Security® cyber-attack simulation platform.

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Logs recording

Logs of network activities are selected and collected according to specific requirements, based on the application of the cybersecurity standards’ relevance criteria. The information collected by the Log Collector is stored securely so that you can access it in the event of a cyber-attack.

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Wifi 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz​

We have hidden all the technical complexity of WiFi configuration behind an userfriendly interface. You will be able to configure the most important features of your network, without giving up the speed of 5 GHz or the compatibility and range of 2.4 GHz.

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VPN Client (OpenVPN, Wireguard)​

Numen Box allows you to establish a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection with the main VPNs used at enterprise level. The configuration standards (or protocols) supported are WireGuard, OpenVPN.

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Traffic filtering of devices remotely connected to the Numen Box

All devices connected to the network generated by Numen Box will be protected. You can easily manage temporary or permanent blocking of access to your network.

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Remote access to devices connected to the network (computers, servers, NAS)

Numen Box also protects when you work from an external location to the office or home premises. You will be able to access company resources, such as NAS or servers, without having to worry about information security.

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Threat notification (detected and blocked)

Our IDS monitors network traffic and generates alerts when suspicious activity or incidents are detected or blocked. Our IDS monitors network traffic and generates alerts when suspicious activity or incidents are detected or blocked.

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Software update and configuration backup

Keep the system up to date with the latest software version available and have an automatic backup of the system configuration is the recommended option.


Soluciones Plug&Play

Soluciones pensadas para que cualquier usuario pueda proteger su empresa, conectando fácilmente todos los dispositivos y permitiendo trabajar de manera totalmente segura.

Paso 1

Conexión del hardware

Conecta las antenas a Numen Box SOHO y éste al router mediante el cable de Ethernet. Una vez encendido ya podrás conectarte a cualquier dispositivo vía LAN o WiFi.

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Registro y activación del producto

Accede al área de cliente y añade el número de activación de licencia de Numen Box SOHO que te habremos facilitado por email.

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Configuración dashboard

Accede al panel de control y configura tu Numen Box SOHO.


Numen Box SOHO

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