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Omniprex, leader organizing medical courses and conferences, has significantly strengthened its network security with Numen Box. The implementation of this plug and play solution has been crucial for the project's success, as Omniprex has not relied on third parties for the installation and management of Numen Box. This case exemplifies how the accessibility and user-friendliness of solutions like Numen Box can make a difference in the cybersecurity of specialized companies like Omniprex, proving that independence in installation and management can be key to success in specialized environments.

Protection of Technical Employees' Personal Devices - Bambú Technology

A comprehensive integration was conducted to safeguard the work environment across different departments. The potential loss of control due to hacking incidents targeting devices used by employees in office management could lead to critical data loss in R&D, work disruptions with associated costs, and a dent in the company's reputation among clients. Maintaining impeccable security levels during interactions with offices is crucial, especially given the multinational client connections that could result in severe information losses and impact the overall business. The network division through different Numen Box units, coupled with independent IPS/IDS traffic analysis, significantly enhances overall security.

Safeguarding Freelancers' Work and Client Data - SODA Law Firm

SODA Law Firm faced the critical challenge of protecting the work of freelancers and the confidential data of its clients. The law firm's offices required robust cybersecurity measures to shield against cyber attacks and theft of sensitive information related to clients and legal cases. Given the highly sensitive nature of client information and the legal implications involved, this case demanded a comprehensive security solution. Numen Box SOHO, with its built-in IDS/IPS technology, provided a thorough analysis of network traffic, ensuring the protection of the law firm's servers. Additionally, it secured connections for team members working from external locations through the VPN client, all without compromising security. This successful implementation not only fortified the cybersecurity posture of SODA Law Firm but also demonstrated the significance of advanced solutions in protecting sensitive information and ensuring the integrity of legal operations. Numen Box SOHO not only met stringent security demands but also enhanced operational efficiency, showcasing its adaptability in legal environments.

Remote Access to Company Servers - Pepa Paper

With retail locations scattered across different cities in Spain, Grevillea Robusta S.L., centered in San Juan Despí, Barcelona, sought to secure its infrastructure and that of its clients and suppliers. Thanks to Numen Box, the company achieved a heightened level of security by implementing VPN connections between its various locations, safeguarding against cyber attacks and data breaches. Numen Box installations were deployed not only at the central office but also at every point of sale. The seamless connection and configuration capabilities of Numen Box proved crucial in ensuring the uninterrupted flow of the company's regular operations.