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Section with all the answers to all those questions about the technical aspects of cybersecurity. It is also the easiest and quickest way to solve doubts related to the use of our products.


Numen Box SOHO is a Next Generation Firewall designed for small and medium-sized businesses with both on-site and remote workers. It protects the network with IDS/IPS, manages connected devices, analyses the network’s health, and offers VPN access to your company’s resources.


Numen Box SOHO may have a minimal impact on your network speed.

You can configure your VPN client to automatically connect any device through Numen Box SOHO.

Yes, Numen Box SOHO connects to your router via cable just like any other device, regardless of your internet provider.


All you need is an internet-connected router and a computer to access intranet and the dashboard to configure your account.

Three easy steps to start working with a protected network.

  • Physical set up
  • User registration and activation
  • Configuration

Your network is now protected!


IDS stands for «Intrusion Detection System». It is security software that detects unauthorised access to a computer system or network and generates alerts or logs that can be managed by the system or the network administrator.

IPS stands for «Intrusion Prevention System». It is network security software that detects for malicious activity and establishes a security policy, blocking or allowing filtered traffic.

If IDS/IPS blocks a webpage you believe is safe, you can unblock it in the Numen Box control panel. If you need help, email support@numentech.es, and we’ll assist you.

A firewall is a network security device that analyses incoming and outgoing traffic, allows or blocks specific unauthorised traffic, based on a set of pre-defined security restrictions.